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    Our rules, Follow Them Please!



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    Our rules, Follow Them Please!

    Post  Yukaito on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:55 pm

    Forum rules

    ~NO swearing or inappropriate content~

    This basically means no bad language, or things that might contain questionable content (Meaning porn, rascist or disturbing video's or pictures). Breaking this rule will result in anything from a warning to a temporary ban.

    ~NO Flaming/trolling/baiting~

    This means purposely arguing or egging another member on so that a debate or topic in a thread changes to become offensive. This will result in an infraction, or even a temporary ban.

    ~No Slander or Prejudism~

    This means you will refrain from saying any specific denomination, including but not limited to:
    race, religion, gender, or sexual preference.

    Depending on the severity, it can range from a warning to a permanent ban...
    Prejudism will NOT be tolerated.

    ~No spamming please!~

    Any post that is 8 words or less will be considered to be spam, and most likely your post will be deleted. Depending on the scale of your spam, you may receive an infraction.


    1. No spamming Random keys.
    2. No Flaming/trolling/baiting
    3. No discussing religion, race or politics.

    Breaking any of the above rules will result in your chat postings being deleted, and depending on the severity of the rule broken, may even result in a temporary chatbox ban.

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