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    What are NIP's?



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    What are NIP's?

    Post  Yukaito on Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:53 am

    What are NIP's? And how do we use them?

    What Are NIP's
    Well, NIP's are like Internet cash you can use to buy things for your online alias, account ect. To earn NIP's you simply need to post on the forum and your cash will slowly rise. You can also purchase NIP's through donating t Naruto Inception, If you wan;t to find out more about using and purchasing NIP's see the respective stickied topics in the NIP's section.

    How to use them?
    ok, you've got your NIP's and you wanna go on a little shopping with them? well, all you need to do it go to the Naruto Inception store were you can buy name changes, ranks, Forums, Stick's and basically anything 'account' based.

    But you can also buy from other members like graphic's and avatars. Or set up your own, That's also a good way to make some NIP's Razz

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